Liquefied Natural Gas


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Our Expertise

  • Concept and screening studies
  • Opportunity framing (go/no-go areas)
  • Evaluate project concept options (ranking), ensuring the technical solution serves the commercial requirements and flexibility of the complete value chain
  • Identify/manage the technical, economic, environmental, commercial, operational and political (TEECOP) project risks and interfaces
  • Technology selection – C3MR, SMR, DMR, Cryogenic Nitrogen etc.
  • Balance of plant expertise – cold box, BOG system, pre-treatment system, peak shaving and sendout/vaporization system, utilities and LNG tankage
  • Establish viable value chain options and business models in consideration of:
    • Opportunity and risk
    • Alignment with production, market and corporate strategy
    • Positioning (role) in the project development lifecycle
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LNG Project Development

Solaris serves LNG project developments in North America through all stages of project development.

Solaris MCI LNG project development stages

LNG Logistics Simulation

Confidence & Clarity in Decision Making Across LNG Value Chains

Options for monetizing gas via LNG are more diverse than the industry has ever seen. Predictive LNG logistics simulation enables our clients to assess the risks and impact of design choices, integrated with commercial parameters, at the earliest stages of the project definition.

Solaris MCI LNG Logistics Simulation Graphic

Predictive LNG logistics modelling studies allow for assessing key technical and commercial parameters, including

  • Inlet pipeline gas flow and feed gas variance
  • LNG production rate
  • Seasonal LNG production profile
  • LNG holding times based on boil-off rates
  • Buffer and ISO storage volumes
  • Loading configuration
  • Shipping and offtake profile
  • Operational configurations


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