Solaris MCI Staff at Surrey Office

Hydrogen is not new. The most abundant molecule in the universe is widely used in industry today. With the ever growing need to reduce emissions, hydrogen will play a key role. Globally, organizations of all shapes and sizes are committing to reduced emissions and net-zero targets.

Utilizing our end-to-end project delivery capabilities, deep energy domain expertise and integrated knowledge of the energy sector, we are servicing clients and building projects that are driving change. We are committed to hydrogen projects in the following areas today:

  • Clean power for remote applications
  • Displacement of fuel gas in fired heating and power generation
  • Displacement of diesel in mid-to-heavy haul transport
  • Blending into existing natural gas transmission networks
  • Full EPC of scalable hydrogen production
Solaris MCI Staff At Surrey Office


Natural Gas

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Liquefied Natural Gas

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