Smart Systems for Remote Control

We develop in house, end-to-end solutions that enable real time remote site data access through field deployed infrastructure and secure cloud hosted dashboards.

These become powerful tools that create value for clients through performance trending, site optimization, preventive maintenance, process automation and more.

End To End Solution

Future Focused

We are a future focused group of companies, committed to developing and leveraging technology at every stage of project delivery to create value and drive efficiency.

Our group of companies were early adopters of the RealWear platform, integrating the wearable technology into our own operations as well as for our client services offerings. Combining the RealWear system with our ability to deploy communications to remote locations has been a powerful combination that allows us to connect with remote workers in real time, driving efficiency, safety, and creating value for us and our clients.

Developing and integrating step change technology to create value.

As a premiere RealWear partner we have since helped 20+ major organizations adopt this wearable technology into their operations. Across various industries including energy, mining, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, construction and more, the results are ubiquitous – real time communication creates value.